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New Mexico State University responded to a grass roots stakeholder initiative by developing and implementing a Food Technology program. Since 1993, the Extension Family & Consumer Sciences Food Technology program has assisted food producers in the state by providing information on food regulations and with services such as process review of acidified foods and analysis for nutritional labeling. Food processors receive direct technical assistance for product development, labeling and marketing of new food products.

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Dr. Nancy Flores, Food Technology Specialist

Programs and Services Provided

FSPCA - Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance

This course developed by the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance (FSPCA) is the "standardized curriculum" recognized by FDA. Successfully completing this course approved by FDA meets the requirement of a "Preventive Controls Qualified Individual" (PCQI). It will provide participants with the knowledge needed to create a Food Safety plan that complies with the Hazard Analysis and Risk-based Preventive Control (HARPC) for Human Food rule.

Better Process Control School

A Better Process Control School, has been approved by the commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration and co-sponsored by the Food Processors Institute (FPI), and sponsored by New Mexico State University. The FDA requires this course for food processors that process acidified and low acid foods. Additionally, a special course is offered only for acidified food processors. The course is offered in English and Spanish. These courses provide a valuable service to the entire U.S. southwestern and border region.

Food Product Development Laboratory

The purpose of this laboratory is to have a facility and commercial equipment available to develop food products from family recipes or fine tune commercial formulations before a full-scale production. Along with food processing the facility will have a separate area to test food products for sensorial qualities such as texture, flavor and appearance. Other equipment available is instrumental texture analysis and color measurement. The principal users of the laboratory will be NM food processors; however, students working on food product development or food related projects may also use facility.

Process Review of Acidified Foods

This is a fee-based service. As required by US Food and Drug regulations, the formulation and process to make acidified food is reviewed for food safety to ensure critical limits of ingredients and thermal processing are met.

Nutritional Facts Database Service

This is a fee based service depending on the complexity of the product. The recipe or product formulation is entered into a product development labeling software. This software then generates a graphic of the nutritional information.

Services and Fees

This is a posting of services of food analysis and their associated costs.

Food Technology Initiatives

This webpage promote special workshops such as HACCP for New Mexico Meat and Food Processors workshop, including all pertinent information.

New Mexico Food Industry Resource Guide

This resource guide was created to help individuals who are in the beginning stages of developing a food product and need assistance about where to start. The resource guide gives information about companies who supply primarily to the food industry and how to contact them. The resource guide also contains important regulation information needed for food products. Marketing information is also available to assist people in promoting their food product once the process and proper paperwork has been finalized. Anyone starting a business should refer to this guide for additional insight or to use as checklist to ensure everything has been completed.

HACCP Plans and Resources

This is page has questions and answers to HACCP regulations and HACCP models for the juice, meat, and poultry industries.

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For Extension Home Economists

This page is information for safe food preservation, canning supplies and industry contacts, and PowerPoint models for safe preservation of foods by consumers.

GAP's Program for New Mexico

In response to the increase in fruit and vegetable associated food borne illnesses, the goal of this project is to provide educational materials to food producers and educational professionals associated with agriculture in order to reduce microbial risks in fruits and vegetables through good agricultural practices (GAPs) education. Seminars and display presentation have been done throughout the state.

Extension Resources

Food Processing Publications

Publications related to food technology studies and findings conducted by university professors, staff and students are available to view. There are also newsletters published quarterly on various food services, equipment, and other relevant information pertaining to the food industry.

IDEAS Newsletters

This is a posting of IDEAS newsletters from 2002 to 2006.

For Employees

New and Improved Food Products

Work to improve or develop new food products. Work also includes development of knowledge to influence quality and functionality of foods in complex food systems.

Protect Food from Microbial Contamination through Food Safety Education

Work on pathogenic foodborne microorganisms and parasites in raw, minimally processed, or inadequately processed and preserved foods distributed through retailers, food service or consumers.

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